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Statement of Suitability for RapidSpray Diesel Tanks

(This information is copied from the manufacturer's website)

"All diesel tanks manufactured by Rapid Spray, Singleton NSW, are suitable for the transport of Diesel Fuel within Australia.
Rapid Spray diesel tanks are made from a material specifically designed for use in rotationally moulded diesel tanks. This material has been tested to ensure it meets the mechanical and chemical resistance requirements of International Regulations ECE R34.01 Annex 5 Section 5.0 and European Directive 2000/8/EC.
The anti static lead supplied on all Rapid Spray diesel tanks exceeds the requirements of AS1940-2004 and AS2809.2-2008.
Filler caps and vents supplied on Rapid Spray diesel tanks comply with AS 1940-2004.
Diesel fuel is NOT classified as a Dangerous Good according to the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail.(As stated by fuel company MSDS) Diesel fuel is NOT classified as a Flammable Liquid in Australia; it has the lower classification of ‘Combustible Liquid C1’ (As stated by fuel company MSDS)
Rapid Spray Diesel Tanks are NOT subject to the requirements of AS NZS 2906-2001 as they are all designed to contain a volume greater than 25 Litres."

For more information about dangerous goods refer to the ADG7 Code. The ADG7 can be downloaded free from the National Transport Commission website (the hardcopy will cost you $140) https://www.ntc.gov.au/heavy-vehicles/safety/australian-dangerous-goods-code/

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