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Quick reference for the transport of diesel

by John Carmichael
(Please also read the more detailed information below)

No more Jerry cans- save your backAre there any special rules for transporting diesel?  No
Do I need to display signs when transporting diesel?  No.
Do I require a dangerous goods driver licence when transporting diesel only?  No
Do your diesel transport tanks conform to all the rules and standards?  Yes

The transport of dangerous goods is regulated by each State government. However all State legislation now conforms to the Australian Dangerous Goods Code 7th edition, known as ADG7. The ADG7 is closely aligned with international requirements of the United Nations recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods. Is diesel a dangerous good? C1 combustible liquids (such as diesel fuel) are classified as dangerous goods for storage purposes, but not for road and rail transport. Under the code diesel is classed as a dangerous good of Class C1 combustible liquids. The ADG7 clause states "C1 Combustible Liquids are not classified as dangerous goods for transport purposes. No placarding is required by this Code on a portable tank or tank vehicle transporting only C1 liquid"

Note this only applies if diesel is the only dangerous good being transported, if other dangerous goods are in the same load, then different rules apply. Note also, that the NSW EPA has been seeking to remove the diesel exemption from the dangerous goods code - more here

The ADG7 Code has no force by itself, but it is given force in each Australian State and Territory by laws that incorporate the Code by stating that it applies as law. The latest ADG7 can be downloaded free from the National Transport Commission website:

Click the link to see the manufacturer's Statement of Suitability for Diesel Tanks

Video of diesel transfer tankNote that you are required under OH&S rules to ensure that the tank is clearly labelled with its contents. It is recommended that you carry an appropriate fire extinguisher when transporting any flammable liquid.
Load Stability: "Slosh" caused by partially filled tanks can be a driving stability hazard. Have a look at our ball baffle system that can be retro fitted, and is suitable for all types of tanks and liquids transport.

The advice on this page is offered as a guide only. You should seek a suitably qualified consultant if you need legally reliable advice.

diesel tank 45oL tankBall Baffles Ball baffle anti-slosh for diesel tanks

See also Rules for Storing Diesel on Site

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