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Plastic Diesel Fuel Tanks,
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Austraian made Diesel tanks. Our diesel
tank units meet all
legal & safety requirements



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diesel tank can be padlocked
Nozzle has a locking plate and

These tanks fitted with a DieselFlo pump, 4 mtr delivery hose
50 ltr tank
50 Litre
(no lid)
800L x 430w x 390h
100 ltr diesel tank
100 Litre
800L x 680w x 465h
200 ltr tank
200 Litre

800L x 680w x 710h
240 ltr diesel tank
220 Litre
(no lid)
925L x 710w x 610h

Tanks below have an Italian pump with 6 metres of hose
200 ltr diesel tank
200 Litre

1150L x 820w x 565h
400 ltr diesel tank - fits tub-back ute
400 Litre

1150L x 820w x 780h
450 ltr diesel tank
440 L low

1700L x 880w x 620h
600 ltr diesel tank
600 Litre

1700L x 880w x 740h

Tanks below also include Ballbaffle splash stability system
800 ltr diesel tank
800 Litre

1700L x 1000w x 860h
1000 ltr diesel tank
1000 Litre

1700L x 1000w x 1025h
1200 ltr diesel tank
1200 Litre

1700L x 1000w x 1190h

Diesel fuel pods to suit every need
300 ltr narrow diesel tank
300 Litre narrow

1255L x 600w x 770h
600 ltr free standing diesel tank
600 Litre

1190L x 1050w x 955h
400 ltr squat diesel tank
400 Litre

1610L x 730w x 740h

FREE freight to most areas

ask us about purpose-built AdBlue DEF AUS32 delivery tanks with nozzles

how to use diesel tank video

15 year manufacturer's warranty on the tank.
Australian made diesel tanks.
Diesel Flo pump has one year warranty

Italian pump has 2 years warranty

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Each and every pump has been quality tested to ensure reliability

Breather complies with AS1949-2000

Diesel-grade poly meets ECE R34.01