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Diesel Trailers, Bunded, on-road, or mine spec

Australian made! Our Deisel transport trailer units meet all the legal & safety requirements


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see the tti diesel trailer range

Perfect for re-fueling at construction sites: single axle trailers for tanks up to 1200 Litres.

single axle diesel trailer Puma diesel trailer TTi dual axle diesel trailer diesel transport trailer diesel transfer trailer with toolboxes

Rugged poly diesel transfer trailers designed for tough conditions. Made in Australia. Heavy duty hot-dipped gal frame. Large 15" wheels with Landcruiser hub pattern, gives great ground clearance. 6 metre delivery hose, lockable filler cap and lid. Ask us about customising these units to suit your purpose. Single axle, and dual axle diesel trailers, on-farm & on-road versions ready to go.

Can't afford it now? RENT it- No need to buy- around $55 a week- read more.

Australian made diesel transport trailers also available as forkliftable skids

1200L diesel trailer

Custom-build diesel transfer units available

Sorry, trailers do not qualify for free freight