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Diesel Transfer Fuel Tank Units,
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Diesel tank made in
Australia. Our diesel
tank units meet all
legal & safety requirements


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diesel tank breather

lockable lid latch of the diesel tank

Nozzle locking plate and

diesel tank filler cap can be locked

Cheap freight to you? click to checkHere is the picture of the AdBlue IBC gravity feed kit.
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AdBlue IBC gravity feed kit diesel unit

AdBlue IBC gravity feed kit 1 year manufacturer's warranty $not available
diesel transfer unitComplete gravity feed kit that connects to AdBlue IBCs. Ideal dispenser when no power is available. 4m delivery hose, fittings and manual nozzle. Easy to fit to IBCs for quick dispensing solutions

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15 year manufacturer's warranty on this Australian made diesel tank.

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Note: our diesel fuel tanks are NOT for use with petrol

ball baffle stability system

Each and every pump has been quality tested
to ensure reliability

Breather complies with AS1949-2000

Diesel grade poly meets ECE R34.01