Steel bunded Diesel Tanks
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Steel Diesel Bunded fuel tanks

Our double wall diesel bunded steel tanks meet all the legal & safety requirements


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Steel bunded fuel stations
Perfect for re-fueling at mining & construction sites. Rugged steel diesel transfer tanks & trailers designed for tough conditions. Ready to go. Sizes 950Ltr (210 gal) or 2000Ltr (440gal) as forkliftable units or on trailers. Forkliftable bunded fuel stations also come with 4 crane-lift points. These bunded tanks are globally approved for the storage of a wide range of hydrocarbon products including gasoline, diesel, petrol, lubricants, kerosene and waste oil.

steel bunded fuel tank Steel bunded diesel trailer Steel bunded diesel fuel tanks

Indicative pricing for a 950Ltr bunded steel diesel transfer tank- $6100 ex GST plus freight- ask us for a quote on the others. 6000Ltr fuel cube with FMS dispenser $16500 ex GST


  • Buy fuel in bulk. Distributor comes to you.
  • Control over the location / whereabouts of your vehicle fleet
  • Save labour time- no more waiting in line at a service station - convenience of 24 x 7 refuelling at your base
  • PETRO 110% Bunded Tank design meets all statutory environmental compliance requirements
  • Being under 10,000L no need for local council approval
  • Supplied with 70lpm 240V pump c/w integrated fluids management system
  • With a Fuel Management System dispenser, every litre dispensed is recorded - you will have a record of the date, time and quantity of fuel dispensed as well as the vehicle or operators details

Sorry, Self-bunded steel tanks and trailers do not qualify for free freight